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Mangrove charcoal Mangrove Wooden Charcoal is Thailand hardwood charcoal, produced from high quality mangrove branches and trunk wood. Mangrove branches wood charcoal is called as kachi charcoal. There are three categories of kachi charcoal, they are A, B and C. A kachi is charcoal produced from branches wood with approximate diameter and length i.e., 3, 5 cm and 17 cm length and B is 2, 5 cm and length 5-8 cm.

   Mangrove Trunk Woods Charcoals are a charcoal with bigger irregular lump shape, it is also called as "Lump Wood Charcoal". There are some sizes of lump charcoals that are normally required by customers, they are Cigarette Box size (CBSMC approx. 5X7 cm), Match Box Size (MBSMC aprox. 3X4 cm), and Lump Trunk Wood Charcoal (LTWMC) is a charcoal with irregular bigger size shapes, these charcoal are bigger than CBSMC.


100% Natural Mangrove Charcoal; the default choice

Which one would you prefer?


Ordinary charcoal briquettes

100% natural Mangrove charcoal

Composed of a mix of ingredients

Ingredients :

100% natural Mangrove charcoal for wood grilled flavor


  • Lignite coal and sulphur
  • Sodium nitrate
  • Limestone
  • Starch
  • Borax
  • Charred sawdust

Kachi Mangrove Charcoal is the choice of many in Middle Eastern, European, Asian restaurants.

  • Made from Mangrove logs that are unfit for sawmills.
  • No tree is specifically cut for hardwood charcoal.
  • Our charcoal will light up quickly and reach grilling temperatures within 15 minutes and will burn longer than regular briquettes.
  • No binders or petroleum products are found in our Kachi charcoal.
  • Will offer you the unique taste of caramelization of natural sugars and proteins.

Characteristics of Mangrove
Test Results
Volatile Matter
15.0% - 20.0%
Fixed Carbon
70.0% - 80.0%
5.0% (max on dry basis)
0.2% (max on dry basis)


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